DOs and DON'Ts

Brazilian Blowout is an anti- frizz Advanced Keratin treatment, provides a smooth, shiny and radiant and frizz-free hair that lasts from 4-5 months in colored hair and up to 3 months in virgin hair.


  1. Never use the anti-residue shampoo on the client post treatment. 

  2. After the treatment, if a client complains of some frizz left, then wash that particular section of hair with anti-residue shampoo and perform the rest of the treatment in that section only....DO NOT repeat on the whole head.

  3. Global coloring should be done prior to the treatment not after, though the touch-ups can also be done 10 days after the treatment. One should plan to do global coloring or touch up followed by B.B.O treatment on the same day because coloring will help to open the cuticles and the effect will last a bit longer. B.B.O will not fade the color.

  4. Do not over use the solution as it will create unnecessary fumes.

  5. Try keeping an iron and a round brush separate for this treatment as It tends to become oily after each use.

  6. Follow up with B.B.O spa with the client if possible once a month.

  7. It's very important to use the after care shampoo and conditioner as regular products will take the coating away from the hair.

  8. Never promise client for absolutely straight hair because B.B.O will straighten the hair only by 30 percent but will remove the frizz by 70 percent.

  9. Henna hair can be treated by B.B.O but the results don't last very long on henna.

  10. Ironing is a very important step in the procedure, do not iron over 190 degree on damaged hair, and the product does not get sealed below 190 degree. If you feel that hair can't take heat then do not do the treatment.